Hello Louise! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hiya! My name is Louise, I am a Swedish photographer and director living and working in New York. I came to the U.S. ten years ago on the hunt for an education and the best French fry, and then got stuck here. I work with food and beverage clients such as Starbucks, Captain Morgan, Stella Artois and Uber Eats.

When I am not working in the city, I spend my time in my house on the countryside, cooking elaborate dinners with a glass of wine and drinking coffee in front of the wood-burning stove. It’s pretty great.

What got you into food/lifestyle photography?

I grew up with two parents in the restaurant industry, so it was an inevitable path for me.

In the beginning I thought I would work as a chef, but after going to art school in NYC I figured out a way to combine both my love for food and photography, and it’s been that way ever since.

I am very passionate about getting to know people, making friends, and showcasing their passion in my photographs.

Louise Palmberg on set, by Luca Fantini
Louise Palmberg on set, by Luca Fantini

How did your photographic style evolve over time?

I started working almost exclusively in the editorial space, and have over time evolved into a more commercial photographer. However, you can still see strong editorial influences in my work, whether it is for a small food magazine or for a client like AMEX. I am especially fond of anything warm toned or retro/vintage – I want my images to feel inviting and welcoming.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen on the NYC subway?

Once I accidentally kicked a rat and saw its chubby body roll across the platform and right in front of the incoming train as I was bolting down the stairs in high heels trying to catch the 6 train… That was pretty weird. Also, late one night I stepped onto the L train going back to Brooklyn and the entire train car had been transformed into a disco car, with a DJ and everything. I will also file that under “weird things”.

What does a day in your life or in studio look like?

The contrast between my work life in the city and my office life in the country is extremely stark. When I am going on set I will regularly get up at 5AM, stumble through the dark and get a cab to set, where the inevitable Covid test awaits.

Louise Palmberg by Caroline Dorn
Louise Palmberg by Caroline Dorn

After I am cleared I will work for 12 hours, often yelling and dancing and jumping up and down to keep energy high for the talent. Rinse and repeat!

When I am having a day at home upstate I do Pilates with my partner in the morning, before taking the dog for a walk in the woods. I’ll sit on the couch and get through my emails/retouching/general to-do before I light the stove and wind down with some cooking and a glass of wine. I love my somewhat irregular life – it keeps me alert.

Louise Palmberg by Kajsa Juslin
Louise Palmberg by Kajsa Juslin

What’s been your worst equipment mishap?

I once accidentally blew mold straight on to my camera’s sensor using a cleaning tool that had grown mold on the inside. That was stressful.

Always test out your rocket blowers kids!

It’s Friday at 9pm, what’s your drink of choice?

Extra dirty gin martini for life, no matter what the time or occasion it is the perfect drink.

What are some of the day-to-day challenges / difficulties you face as a freelance photographer?

Probably maintaining balance and how hard it is to stay relaxed. Although I love my life being all over the place constantly, there are so many extremes. From the middle of January when the inbox is completely quiet, to the end of May when I will be booked for the next six weeks. Finding equilibrium is definitely difficult.

Louise Palmberg on set
Louise Palmberg on set

Do you say, “cheese!” while a picture is being taken?

Haha, no, but I will sometimes joke about how this feels like picture day in middle school. Usually most people will remember those cheesy school pictures with a smile.

Mayo on french fries, yes or no?

ALWAYS need my mayo on French fries. Maybe it’s because I’m Swedish? Sometimes people look at me weird when I ask for it.

Closing Notes & Credits

Here's Louise's website where you can find even more photos and reach out to say hi:

Louise Palmberg
Louise Palmberg is a photographer and director specializing in food, beverage, and lifestyle work based in NYC.

and you can find Louise on instagram as well : @louisececiliapalmberg

Cover Photo by : Kajsa Juslin